Parano & Parker


Homebase: Paris, France.

Parano and Parker is a French Electro-House Project established by Dorian Parano and Allen Parker. As a DJ team they travelled all over France and other European countries to show the crowds their very special dimension of partying through the night.

The sound of Parano and Parker fits into no scheme as it crosses the borders of genres in order to push the dance floor to the limit. Influences from a variety of musical styles -especially rock- flow into their style what explains why the two guys from Paris are so well-accepted by very different audiences.

We are now proud to present you Wait for you, Excess and Electrik, the first pumpin’ tracks of Parano and Parker released on exabeat. A definite head-shot for all the clubbing people around.



EXA010 : Parano & Parker - ElektrikEXA008 : Parano & Parker - ExcessEXA005 : Parano & Parker - Wait for You