Die deutschen FAQ werden in Kürze fertiggestellt sein. Bis dahin sind hier die englischen zu finden:

General Questions:

  1. What the hell are you doing??
  2. What is your main goal?
  3. And what about world domination?

FAQ engine from DiamondSteel

For Listeners:

  1. What do you have for me?
  2. Where can I get this stuff?
  3. Why don't you give the music away for free?
  4. What about DRM?
  5. I wanna get CDs/vinyl!
  6. And what can I do for YOU?

FAQ engine from DiamondSteel

For Artists:

  1. Are you looking for new artists?
  2. Do you want minimal music?
  3. Where can I send my demo?

FAQ engine from DiamondSteel